Distinction Magazine Highlights One of It’s Own

This award-winning magazine that covers Virginia Beach, Virginia with a sophistication worthy of New York City, but the feel of a small town intimacy makes it’s readership far-reaching and devoted!

Creative Director, Erin Reed and retired Navy Seal husband, Rob Reed, interview and highlight his mother and her mother-in-law, Janet Andrews, for the unique life she has lived and contributions made to them and continue to make to society.  She lives in Miami Beach, FL, but is visiting  the grand children while we go to one of our favorite hangouts: Baker’s Crust.  This is where we always had Sunday Brunch when she had her house on the Chesapeake Bay or when, Rob, brother Ron and sister-in-Law Roxanne went to college at Old Dominion University.

The extremely dramatic life that Mom is living now is definitely worth–not only writing about–but doing this feature article so that anyone who has come to a point in there life where they think “they are too old”, or ” I could never do something like that”, or “only other people make their dreams come true” should stop and read carefully: it is possible! And anyone at any age can do it!  Read on.

Rob puts it succinctly for him when, before one of his numerous deployments to the Middle East as a career military man, he and Mom had a couple days alone together to share.  As is typical before deployments, the past comes up and since my parents are divorced and were as different as day and night, Mom asked if their parenting techniques had cancelled each other out? Dad is an engineer and Mom a free-spirit entrepreneur.   My response was, ” No, Dad gave us ‘Roots’ and you gave us ‘Wings’!”  She always encouraged us to be whatever we wanted to be; see the world and never, ever give up!  That is the role model she provided, but I can’t say I really stopped long enough to notice her life because I was so busy charging after my own until just recently when her life has had such dramatic outcome for so many.

She is really flying now!  In spite of numerous serious health problems that derailed her career and took away her ability to drive, a few years ago, she was accepted into an unusual program, Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  She had really given up planning for the future or  dealing very well with the numerous setbacks that seem to keep coming her way after her second divorce of 23 years, loss of highly productive career, house  and financial independence!

She was always very physically fit, health conscious, out-going and very involved in the community!  I remember when we were growing up in the affluent Reston, VA and Mom was not “working”.  She was very involved in school PTO as President, building a huge playground with the community help near our home in the woods, on the Reston Association Board, etc. No wonder we found it perfectly natural to join the military for civil service when everyone else was going into the “corporate” world!  Reston’s concept was to be with people of all nationalities, races, income levels and ages.

Even my sister-in-law, who is also entrepreneurial and from Reston, as is Erin, started a successful business for military wives that not only employed them at the highest rate in Jacksonville, NC (near the Marine Corps Base) but also, helped many of them start their own businesses, while getting her MBA online often as a single parent (with multiple deployments with my brother)!  Mom’s career in sales training coached and supported Roxanne through her launching and development of her business.  Women supporting women and the military!  Mom is always helping others–just what she does  and we married women like that, too, and it seems we turned out to be that way ourselves.

The MKMMA Program got her back on track with setting her DMP (Definite Major Purpose) and convincing her that she always had the power within her to “be what she always willed herself to be”! She could Dream Big again!  An important part of this new life was Emerson’s Law of Compensation–Give More to Get More.  That came to fruition in two very powerful ways:  first and foremost was the volunteer work that she began doing about three years ago with Kristi House in FL.  This is a program that has particular importance for Mom.  She can not only work with these kids at Kristi House and get what amounts to personal healing for herself by giving comfort and support to them, but then can take their awareness and preventative programs into the schools and the community.  There truly is hope for future families from her training skills and deep passion for carrying forth of the message.

With the introduction by a friend to a powerful network marketing company, North American Power/Thrive and the equally powerful MKMMA exercises and Master Mind support, Janet, Mom, has leveraged her belief in herself and the wonderful people she has come in contact with in the past 3 0r 4 years. into a lucrative international business.  Since it is a “no cost business model”, and it is an energy company devoted to clean energy among other things,  this means the environment is protected and people can be secure about their income.  Also, since they are in charge, they only earn if they are helping others earn.  As a perfect business model, also suited perfectly to Mom’s skills and desire to bring out the best in people, it can give them unlimited residual income depending on their efforts.   She can show them how it works, because that is what she is reaping now!  Focusing on what you want, and having a brilliant system to go after it with, is the perfect vehicle to bring it into reality: everyone wins–the environment and society! Just what the Universe requires, for what appears  in her life, to have brought about this remarkable transformation!

 She has a beautiful home on the ocean where we all congregate with her “new-found love”; her poodle, Cuddles;  her business partners from all over the world and a place for her to take off and return every 3 months for trips to England with river cruises where her cousin owns a Gastro-Pub there; or to the beautiful natural forest preserves in the U.S.; or the soothing Spa Resorts in Sedona, AZ, or  adventurous Australia and New Zealand, to name a few.

She is most proud of the many charities she is now able to contribute to without any financial worries, while helping her MLM partners achieve theirs dreams and still have time to be with her family she loves the most!  This is Liberty of the Highest Quality!


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