This is the week that “for all good reasons I could give you” I completely blew “it seemed” all the things I had learned in The Program and for one day I was the worst version of my “old self”!  It wasn’t pretty or nice…and I was feeling crushed, but I really wasn’t found out?

The next day I summoned all the techniques at my disposal, forgave myself because I had not had my materials, phone, or computer available because I was in the hospital for a couple of days, and started reading Og’s Scroll V!  It was like it had been written just for me: “I will waste not a moment mourning yesterday’s misfortune’s, yesterday’s defeats, yesterday’s aches of the heart, for why should I throw good after bad?..Can I relive the errors of yesterday and right them? Can I call back the wounds and make them whole?…NO Yesterday is buried forever and I will think of it no more.” “I will live today as if it is my last.”

Writing notes, sending e-mail cards, praying, meditating, watching sunsets along the Bay after walking and getting back into my rituals as much as I could while still getting groceries and the other requirements of life helped.  So did my Guide and sharing and readings in the Alliance.  In the past, my “old self” would have gone into weeks of depressive, negative self-talk and added to my damaging family relationships that are so important.  Instead, healing is taking place.

Lessons learned, however, is how quickly I can get off track when put in high stress situations and don’t use/remember what I have been learning, work on/have at my readiness!  My thoughts are mine and what I choose to assign to them are also mine.  The same is true about recovery.  The thoughts and feelings about my “old self” emerging and how I have a choice to stay that way or decide to return to my “new self” because I believe that is more my true identity now and how I intend to continue to live my life is key!  Progress not Perfection is my motto.  The Law of Growth.

In the past I would become very successful and then do something to sabotage it…never understanding why.  Now I think I do.  It wasn’t congruent with how I saw myself.  I would achieve according to my desires and goals, but unworthy I guess?  I was very good at consulting and helping my clients become enormously successful because I could see the gifts they had and helped them develop.  They always referred to me as a “miracle worker”!  I just chose my clients carefully.  Now this Program is teaching me “the way” to apply it to myself I think.

There is so much work I want to accomplish with my DMP I can’t let failure be an option.  I have skirted death too many times that I know my Higher Power is not done with me either.  Reading these obits makes me want to leave one that the key points describe in my DMP, so …

Love And Blessings to All

(Interesting how I published this about 2 weeks ago as a page so no one was seeing it???)




I have always been radical!  As Bob Procter said in a video on Joseph Ebel’s blog, people who are radical are mentally strong.  Now that I didn’t realize.  To have lived through what I have I should have realized it?  So this week finally facing some things I was pretending not to know, I gave myself permission to answer the Herald’s Call!

Is it also a coincidence that I decided on a new network marketing company to immerse myself in that seems to fit so well in so many areas?  My housing situation has given me an option at least.  My Vision is crystal clear and my faith is strong, so I believe my energy level will pick up as medical issues are resolved.

As I continue to do the activities of the Program to the best of my abilities and use the inspiration from my Fellow Travelers, the journey is becoming more peaceful!  As I look back over my life and see the difficulties that I used to frame as negative, Og has reverberated this month as opportunities…aha!  Now I see how they are in fact the actual canvas that provides the backdrop for my Vision.  What makes me so very Unique to do what and why I am so passionate about making it happen.  Why my “brushes with death” were just that…I still have work to do!!!

Being seen as radical by those closest to me made me want to have them understand…but now that is OK, no more.  I am marching to my own drummer and, actually always have; and when I look back over my life, I can see some really wonderful things that have happened because I did.  So why stop now?  My mind can and will overcome with the help of the Universal Mind  and my MKMMA Family!

Love and Blessings to All



“Every obstacle is just an opportunity for us to learn and grow our character one moment at a time!” Og Mandino

I made a card with that quote on it and have been carrying it around with me all week along with the card from Earl Nightengale’s tape.  Sometimes it feels like I’m overdosing on character building experiences lately? Lol  Earl  says to just stay calm and keep believing, so that is what I have been focusing my thinking on.  I get so much from reading everyone’s blogs and the Alliances.

The characteristic that I chose to work on this week was “Special Knowledge”.  It really didn’t have much significance for me and now I am not sure why I put it so high on my list?  Continuing with kindnesses was much more valuable.  What I have noticed about how the Program has helped the most this past week when confronted with so many challenges was that I would have panicked and lost hope, but instead I stayed with the behaviors as much as possible, although I did get behind, and found comfort and answers and hope!

I do believe “I am not on this earth by chance.  I am here for a purpose…”  Og tells us!  I also believe, “ask and it shall be given you”.  Last week I missed being hit by a car by inches as I started to look out in front of our little local bus to see if any traffic was coming so I could cross the street.  A car sped past as the bus driver blared on his horn causing me to leap back out of its way just in time! “It was not my day,” as my two military sons are fond of saying!  God still has work for me to do.

As Mark challenged us in the webinar Sunday, I am working on giving myself “Permission” to have the life I am intended to have in spite of the obstacles I meet along the way that continue to build my character to be what it needs to be to “strain my potential until it cries for mercy” as I bring my DMP into fulfillment!

Love and Blessings My Dear Friends on This Journey


Being Tested!

This is definitely the week that was the one for being tested:  how much of the New Me is committed to the Vision and how much of the Old Me is going to say “see, it really was just a ‘Dream’ “!

Starting with the health problem that complicates things with medication issues, then my funding source collapses and family issues show up right on time.  The Perfect Threesome!

Time usually sorts out the medical problems if I am patient and suffer thru them without panicking.  The funding source may actually reemerge as something even better, as someone in the Alliance suggested The Universe may provide!  Now the Family?  That is another chapter…I had a long-time friend that is a PhD psychologist who told me that you could always tell how much growth you had managed by visiting your family, or how much more work you still needed to do!

I didn’t know what to do with my DMP, the dates, my PPN’s, my recordings self-destructed right on cue, my shapes up all over my place, my Dream Board and my Press Release since everything was tied to $$$.   When I took away the $$$ source, and just did my sits with my heart, the powerful Vision that remained was the volunteer work that was at the core!  One of my PPN’s is Helping Others.  The other is Liberty.  For that I need financial freedom, but what came to me was that I could be a fund raising machine for the organizations I volunteered for and maybe some $$$ would come from there somehow, from the Universe…just trust!  I was a corporate sales trainer for 15 years prior to my accident that ended my driving.

I laid out the route to get to where I would need to go and I can get there by bus and Metro-Rail.  It will take an hour each way and I can’t do it until my medical issue is resolved, but at least I know the way.  Interestingly enough, one of the key women I need to coordinate things with I found out lives in the same village I do. Surprise, surprise?

So Now…it’s not a Dream!  As Haanel says, “Thought and feeling is the irresistible combination.”  He also said, “If you wish to bring about the realization of any desire, form a mental picture of success in your mind, by consciously visualizing your desire; in this way you will be compelling success, you will be externalizing it in your life by scientific methods.”


“WORDS…Vessels in Which Thought is Carried”

Don’t feel any pressure when you write your blog this week…or any from now on!  Especially when Haanel says things like, “Universal Thought has for its goal the creation of form, and we know that the word is a thought form”…”therefore, if we wish our ideal to be beautiful or strong, we must see that the words out of which this temple will eventually be created are exact, that they are put together carefully, because accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success.”

Our Program has been based on getting our DMP words “just right”; on repeating our affirmations exactly over and over; on positivity words; on “no-opinion” words; on BPB words daily; on Press Releases; and on our weekly blogs!  The word has been the true passport to success in the MKMMA Program.  The word expressed with Great Emotion behind it, because Haanel says in 15:21 that  “Words are thoughts and are therefore an invisible and invincible power which will finally objectify themselves in the form they are given.”  What we are being charmed, dragged, convinced into realizing is that the form is our own, not someone else’s for “maybe” the first time in our lives?  Then when you add in Og Mandino’s message that “I am nature’s greatest miracle”, I have been rather assertive in my “most harmonious” way this week!  This is another way that all the linking is taking place in such a dramatic way for me.

I particularly liked 15:28 “There can be no question but that he who ‘is wise enough to understand’ will readily recognize that the creative power of thought places an invincible weapon in his hands and makes him a master of destiny.”  I would like to say I do understand, but I am still studying and would like to Master Mind this part with anyone willing?  In particular this would be helpful where Og talks about “I have been given eyes to see and a mind to think and now I know a great secret of life for I perceive, at last, that all my problems, discouragements, and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunities in disguise.”  This was one of those weeks where I had  several “great opportunities in disguise” and the wisdom is definitely called for with the help of a Master Mind Buddy?

I was a professional writer in a major part of my professional career, so this week’s readings had particular interest for me.  Unfortunately, some of the meds I have to take leave me struggling with trying to find “just that right word” too often!  When those words used to roll off my tongue or pen,…I’m sure it has nothing to do with age…it is still endlessly frustrating. They come,  it just takes longer… and sometimes the conversation has moved on or I avoid writing.

Love and Blessings to My Precious Journey Friends, Janet


Harmony Down to Every Cell in Our Body

“There is mind in every atom of the body”  14:14 says Haanel in The Master Keys this week!  “Electrons manifest in the body as cells, and possess mind and intelligence sufficient for them to perform their functions in the human physical anatomy” 14:11 he says.  Very profound if you think about it, which is what I have been doing lately.

The main reason being that I have been passing out and, in a couple cases, hitting my head and getting some big black-and-blue sore bumps!  Since I am already an epileptic, this is a complicating factor that I don’t need.  Yesterday, I had a tilt-table test for low blood pressure, which is what was the suspected cause.  It was confirmed.  As I researched the condition on the internet, they described how the brain communicates with the heart, or doesn’t correctly in my case, and I was struck by what we have been reading all week.  The internet also pointed out how stress impacts this delicate connection as well as my epilepsy!

As we do our sit and really focus on Harmony…putting Harmony into practice in all areas of our lives this week, what is at stake has really come home closely for me.  I have felt calmer; more determined to believe; more certain that I am an expression or manifestation of that Mind!  The Universal Mind that is omnipresent and has “unlimited resources at its command” 14:20 !

I have to ask myself why continue to put stress upon myself when the MKMMA program is the amazing gift that is being given to me to remake myself in a way that can allow those atoms in my body to work in perfect harmony as I was designed to do?  Especially when the stress is causing such devastation?  Answer: none!  I think I found my Burning Desire

I am ending with enormous Gratitude and Love



While playing The Game of Life with my grandchildren today, since my daughter is sick and I am trying to help out, I realized some very important things:  the 5-year old boy was convinced he was going to win the whole time and the 8-year old girl was constantly in control of everything, banker, and buying up every villa, penthouse and had when asked what vacation she imagined–described one in all 4 seasons–for her turn to roll the dice!

I believe that they, at their young ages, have already “come into an understanding of the beauty, the grandeur, the transcendental opportunities which have been placed at” their “disposal”, as Haanel has asked us to get in touch with in 13:27.  In 13:26 “recognizing the Infinite Power and Infinite Wisdom of the Universal Mind” and “become a channel whereby the Infinite can bring about the realization of our desire” is what I have been “sitting” with this past week.

This is so big a concept that all I can do is “sit” with it because believing, having faith is what keeps the action going.  When I realize what my history and conditioning was like compared to theirs and their mother’s (my daughter), The Game of Life has been and is being played so differently!  Thankfully, MKMMA came into my life so I can pass on what I am learning as well:  my granddaughter just came up to me and said, “Grammy, I like the way you live and the way you say things.  It really makes me think…I think you are really smart (she is in the “Gifted Program” at school, as was her mother)!”  All while I am typing this blog!

Gratitude with the cards has been a wonderful addition to the week.  Just as Haanel mentioned in 13:18 that “what we all desire, what everyone is seeking, is Happiness and Harmony.  If we can be truly happy we shall have everything the world can give.  If we are happy ourselves, we can make others happy.”  Our single DMP sentence with statements of our worth coupled with gratitude as daily reminders is good grounding!  Being with Loved Ones at the Holidays has topped it off for me!

Love to All