About Me

Janet Andrews

After spending 27 years in Reston, VA, a planned community 25 miles outside of Washington, D.C. where I reared my 3 children and developed my entrepreneurial, consulting, training career,  I am now in Miami Beach, FL for the second time in the last 10 years.  I always referred to Reston as “my beloved Reston” even though the highest and lowest points in my life took place there!  My greatest growth did as well.

Originally, I grew up, went to college, Miami U. in Oxford, and gave birth to my first-born in Ohio-a span of 5 years in between college graduation and returning for the child.  I have lived many different places between Ohio and Florida.

I have been visualizing major transitions and accomplishing transformations in my life since I was a child in spite of, at times, devastating setbacks and other times miraculous gifts of support.  I would look out my bedroom window in my small steel town and say, “there is a big world out there and I am going to see it!”  I have:  I was the first one on both sides of my family to go to college with government loans and often working 3 jobs, plus help from my parents even though my Dad didn’t think girls needed a college education since I was “just going to make somebody a good wife”.

As a result, my 3 siblings went on to college and two got Master’s Degrees.  I should say my father could have had a college education after WW!! or been a commercial airline pilot because he was one of the original Flying Tigers with General Chennault in China, but chose to come back to his hometown and family and work in the steel mills like his father–the fork in the road!

My greatest pride has come from my role as mother.  I had surgery to correct a rare defect that only 7 years before was the technique developed in order to make it possible to conceive, and then complications with the next two births I almost didn’t survive.  My concentration on how to raise “brighter children” consumed me throughout their growing up as well as all aspects of child rearing.  Unfortunately, it couldn’t protect them from divorce.

As adults, I am proud to say that my sons are highly decorated career warriors: one is a Navy Seal (deploying in 2 weeks – please pray) and the other, a Marine Intel Officer.  My daughter does cardio-thoracic surgery at Miami VA Hospital: her military contribution.  I have 6 super grandchildren , and am so very blessed.  My daughters-in-law (keeping military families together) and son-in-law are quite amazing too.

My long career involved writing, advertising, publishing, including a magazine, sales and the sales training part for 15 years.  While training, I was the first female for the International Sandler Sales Institute. I especially enjoyed teaching the 6-week course that was one of the very popular public courses I presented: No Guts No Gain,  until a car accident ultimately left me with a medical condition that ended my driving permanently.  With my career over as I knew it, something else has opened up, after several years of major readjustments, the network marketing world and a wonderful company, North American Power/Thrive.  I am very excited about putting all I am learning in MKMMA to work in launching my new career and helping as many people in as profound a way as I realized I had a gift for in my previous professional experiences.

What I do need help from the course in is self-sabotage following a run of big success and then go again.  I can keep my clients from doing this!


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