As I have been writing thank you notes for my birthday gifts my heart is overflowing with gratitude, including this MKMMA Program!  Learning to stay positive, not give opinions, believing in my own majesty and being nature’s great miracle, as well as getting in touch with my unique gifts and purpose are definitely worth being grateful for!

The beautiful people I have met, learned about through their blogs as they have opened up their hearts and minds as we traveled together on this journey, and heard share on our webinars have been wonderful gifts as well!  My MasterMind Partner is a Special Gift!  Our gifted leaders have been sent to us by the Universe as another very special present that kept leading us to more and more unique and rich resources.  Thank you once again!

I even learned some technology resources-not nearly as many as I wanted or needed-but nevertheless, many more than I ever thought I would.  Usually, if I had a technology problem in the past, I would just scream my ex-husband’s name and he would come running and rescue me.  When I got divorced, I lost that benefit along with more than I want to mention!  Now I think of Emerson and Self Reliance and am doing much better in many areas.

Since I now Know that I Know, the Truth is mine by going into The Silence, by going to The Sit.  I have been a long- time meditater, but with a different mindset.  Also, visualization with Belief brings the Miracles promised…Stay Positive and Grateful.  These are my Gifts…Thank you and Good Bye Dear Ones.

Love and Blessings to All


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