Transformation…Reclamation…not Aging?

My birthday was the 21st and this past week with all of the emphasis on it taking more effort to be a failure than to be a success and being my True Self and really living with the Laws of Least Effort brought me to that day ready to start a new year a different person!

The question I am asking…or answering?…is who is this person?  I definitely am different as a result of MKMMA and all the work that I/we have done and am still doing/will keep doing.

If time doesn’t really exist, then my body may be aging, but the spiritual “I” is not.  In many ways I feel I have reclaimed many parts of myself that were either lying dormant, being ignored or discounted because of multiple traumas happening simultaneously.  Now the answer to that question, “what am I pretending not to know”, may have been the trigger that caused the cascade, if we are in fact the reason for what happens in our lives?  Certainly the divorce part, hard to believe it brought on the car accident, but my reaction times, etc. can all be factors.  All the complicating factors from injuries, law suits that followed that and resulting in my losing my professional career, etc. did not leave my world in harmony at all!  Instead, nightmare of negativity and conflict reigned supreme!  Fight and flight is what I did and kept doing for too long.

The suggestion to destroy your old life so you start a new is what I am doing.  My belief in the Master Key concepts is complete and this past week I felt the calm acceptance of Least Effort of everything.  I remember the gifts I have and am ready to take them out into the world.

Haanel 23:10 “The power of attention is called concentration; this power is directed by the will; for this reason we must refuse to concentrate or think of anything except the things we desire.  On the other hand, when we meet with success, gain, or any other desirable condition, we naturally concentrate upon the effects of these things and thereby create more, and so it follows that much leads to more.”

We know the more we give the more we get and since we are all connected, the energy flow is never ending!  Plug in and juice up!

Love and Blessings to All


4 thoughts on “#WEEK 23 — JANET ANDREWS

  1. You are Born Again!
    You are Nature’s Greatest Miracle.
    Greet this day with love in your heart and live it as if it is your last.
    You are a Beautiful Being of Magnitude!
    Keep Giving.
    The world is blessed by your Giving Heart.
    I’m honored to share this Journey with YOU!


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