Coming Out of The Silence!

My two days were not total silence and weren’t full days away from home, but they were the best I could manage for now.  However, they gave me a real taste for more!

I am alone most of the time anyway and since I have a health problem that, for now, makes it not wise for me to be away too far, I chose to go across the street to a pool next to Biscayne Bay.  That way I could sit on comfy lounge chairs and look at the water, sky and skyline of Miami Beach and everyone was gone to work, so I had the place to myself!  After a few hours however, the renovation on the highrise apartment building across the parking lot did start bothering me.  Day 2 I chose to go over after 5PM.

Interestingly enough, some of my biggest revelations came within the first 3 hours of just sitting looking at the sky and water.  After that I became more convinced of my DMP and wanted to meditate and reread all of Haanel, most of my underlined parts anyway.  It, the readings,  all seemed to fall into place in my mind then.

I thought back over my life and how so many times things had worked out exactly the way it is described in the book when I would think about what I wanted in my life and then it would manifest:  people, situations, opportunities (including ones I didn’t, but should have taken), trips and homes.

My meditations were more lengthy and deep!  I don’t think I have ever felt so connected to my Higher Power as I did on the second day.  When there is no time clock, the Spirit moves.

My second day ended because my daughter had been gone on a ski trip and I hadn’t told her about the days of silence before she left.  So she returned and called me.  I had decided that I wouldn’t worry her by not answering the end of the second day, so that is when I stopped.

All-in-all it was a very rich experience that I found myself wanting to repeat very soon.  In fact, in many little ways I was wanting silence in my life for a whole week after that in places where I would usually have sound, like classical music first thing in the morning-silence-or to have a meditation tape to go to sleep at night-silence-eating-silence!

I am calling some of this time now more mindfulness.

Love and Blessings to All


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