We don’t serve ourselves or Our Maker well by Playing Small!  How often have we heard that, and then Week #21 Haanel tells us the same thing!  Then the word I was working on observing in everyone this week, but saw dramatically in myself, and even got numerous comments from friends about me, was “Persistence”.  Put the two together and you have the MKMMA Program!

Interestingly enough in my life I have thought and produced Big…and then…also interestingly enough as well, found a way to destroy it.  That is if we believe we are responsible for our outside world…and we do…right?

So, before now, of course I believed it was always “somebody or something”else.  So making a run at this time I know better.

Things are not manifesting in my life as I had expected at this point.  Many wonderful things have happened, but many obstacles and difficulties have happened as well.  The Program has helped me deal with them instead of cave-in, but I don’t have the successes to point to that I was envisioning for this point in the Program and my goals.

Staying positive, continuing to visualize, doing as much of the Program activities as possible and Believing is how I choose to show my Proud Persistent Nature so I will Rise Big Again!



11 thoughts on “#WEEK 21 — JANET ANDREWS

  1. Honestly, this program is wonderful. There is a tendency to rush our goals, at least I know that I have. Persistence is the answer as you say. This means that it may take more time than we want. Please keep the faith!


  2. Right! Slow and steady wins more persistently. And the more work we do on ourselves and bringing our minds into harmony, the less often we will self-sabotage.


  3. I, too, am not where I WANT to be in my goals/vision, either. Glad to know there are many of us! With the daily practice/habits and ACTION in our biz, we will get there. Keep going….. =)


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