I AM…???

The problem and/or the solution; the question and/or the answer; person programmed by society or the self-determined Hero; nature’s greatest treasure and/or “the red-headed daughter” that was supposed to be “the red-headed son” that cost my Dad the day I was born $10 he lost to his military buddies he bet $1 each even though he is blonde and my mother had black hair!

After watching the fantastic movie “I AM” I have been pondering those questions and more while also relishing the marvelous concept of our being so connected to everyone and everything in this world!  I have believed this before watching the movie, but had the concept reawakened and reinforced!  I also am more aware that much of my lack of personal connections (not digital) is contributing to certain “issues” I am struggling with.  Being a BLUE and an extravert, my energy level is drained by not being in close personal contact with other humans.  Grocery shopping or riding the bus doesn’t count!  Being online or on the phone doesn’t do it for me either. Neither does seeing a doctor or riding in medical transport vehicles with people who most all speak Spanish, including the driver!

I want to speed up the time frame for the volunteering portion of my DMP…then I will have a regular schedule for being in personal contact with people I will care very much about.  No wonder the consulting/training part of my career was so successful.  When I lived in my “beloved Reston, VA”, the success of that planned community was based upon homes, shopping areas and recreational facilities all built around little villages. No strip plazas, long rows of homes or pools, tennis courts or small lakes separate from each other.  They were all clustered in villages that contained a little of each connected by pathways and common wooded areas making neighborhoods dotted with play areas so that my kids could even walk to school through the woods and over little bridges that crossed viaducts for draining away rain water…it was beautiful!  Streets ended in cul de sacs that made great soccer fields.  The idea was to have people of all ages, nationalities, religions and income levels be able to live together.  It was not perfect for sure, but it was the first economically successful planned community…the ideal!  27 best years of my life.  My 3 offspring are living highly productive lives of service with a wide variety of friends from all walks and nationalities of life for which I am very grateful.

My faith in my connection to my Higher Power, the Universal Mind, and the importance of my positive thoughts used with the powerful intent available to me with the tools from this Program answers for me what I AM!


Love and Blessings to All


6 thoughts on “#WEEK 19 — JANET ANDREWS

  1. Greetings Janet…I am glad to stop by and say Hi to another “Andrews”…But mostly, I’m glad I read your blog…We are connected in marvelous ways that shout divine miracles never ending! All our hearts beat to the same power, no matter what name one wants to put on it. We’re connected to the same battery pack!—Piece be your journey.


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